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US copyright body CCC joins PDLN


2017 Conference - Athens June 4-6th.

Our 2017 conference runs from Sunday 4th - Tuesday 6th June. Our hosts are OSDEL, the Greek licensing body. Speakers include the Economist, TalkWalker, FIBEP, and others. The venue is the Royal Olympic hotel and the view from the terrace restaurant below shows we are in the heart of Athens. The conference website at gives more detail. Delegates from US, Australian, Japan and Europe and already confirmed. Members and guests should confirm their attendance by April 14th to PDLN.

Update; Angela Mills Wade Exexcutive Director EPC will present the proposed new publishers right and provide and update on the European debate on its implenetation 



PDLN Vienna seminar success

APA hosted a PDLN member seminar on PDF processing technology in March. 24 delegates attended. Presentations will be posted in teh member area of the website shortly. Contact PDLN for details

About PDLN

PDLN aims to protect and promote the interest of publishers in media monitoring services. Its members seek to encourage the development of simple, efficient market solutions to the supply and use of press information internationally. PDLN works to share best practice in licensing and supply and to create forums for content owners and users to come together to solve the challenges of improving these services. The Press Database and Licensing Network (PDLN) is an association representing organisations owned or controlled by publishers who license or supply newspaper, magazine and website material for media monitoring, press cutting and press review services. PDLN was founded in 2008 and has grown rapidly. It now has 26 members in 23 countries.