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New York Times to speak at PDLN 2018 Conference - London -  June 3-5th. 

PDLN will be in London June 3-5th 2018 for its annual conference. Our venue is the Crypt, in an 18th century church in Clerkenwell. Speakers will include; New York Times - Head or Syndication and Brand Licensing Alice Ting, legal expert Elenora Rosati, and Carlos Amaral, CEO of Priberum, part of the EU SUMMA project. The conference dinner host is Tim Brooks,  NLA Chair, formerly Managing Director of The Guardian. More speakers are expected to be confirmed soon. The conference website is



Text aggregators PDLN seminar Berlin March 8th 

The media monitoring services that PDLN members supply and license live in the market alongside text aggregators like Factiva and LexisNexis. The boundaries between MMOs and these services may be eroding. The growing use of text – encouraged by the growing use of web content in text format by users – and the increased timeliness of web content delivery may be weakening the appeal of media monitoring based on traditional print delivered as a PDF. Further the supply lines established between text aggregators and MMOs is potentially diluting licensing value for publishers.

Alternatively text aggregators may be partners, especially in the area of data supply management and in creating simpler licensing solutions for PDLN members and publishers. A number of PDLN members have good close working relationships with text aggregators, who pay royalties to publishers, unlike many web scrapers.

The aim of the seminar is to help PDLN members understand and explore the dynamics and the impact on their business of text aggregators and especially their relationship with MMOs, and to help publishers make better informed decisions about licensing strategies. Attendance is open to PDLN members only and the cutoff date is February 16th. Contact  

Cision buys Prime                 

Further evidence of MMO market consolidation came at the year end with the announcement that Cision has agreed terms to purchase Prime, adding another 700 staff to the Cision 3,000. The US stock market is buoyant and so Cision has funds to invest and further acquisitions are expected, with iSentia believed to be high on the wish list. Those with long memories will remember the first attempt to build a global player in the MMO space; the Observer saga. Watch this space.

UK and Polish Licensing bodies agree rights exchange

Polish news licensing body Repropol and UK agency NLA media access (NLA) have agreed an exchange of rights allowing each to license media monitoring companies and their clients to copy the others material. Polish agencies licensed by Repropol will be able to use NLA’s UK material including Times, Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, The Economist and over 2,000 other newspapers and websites. UK agencies and clients can use leading Polish titles under their NLA agreements.

NLA International Director Andrew Hughes said “Making it easier for business to use licensed content is the consistent goal of NLA.  We believe media monitoring organisations and their clients are entitled to simple, cost effective access to news content and this agreement delivers that. We welcome the addition of Polish content to the NLA’s UK repertoire. Poland is a leading European economy, and Repropol are great partners.”

Jan Ruranski, member of the board at Repropol  said “Extending our licence coverage to include leading UK content will be welcomed by our users, and our publishers will benefit from NLA’s licensing on Polish content in UK.  The new agreement demonstrates our commitment to licensing, and to working in partnership with the many established licensing bodies in Europe and internationally”


About PDLN

PDLN aims to protect and promote the interest of publishers in media monitoring services. Its members seek to encourage the development of simple, efficient market solutions to the supply and use of press information internationally. PDLN works to share best practice in licensing and supply and to create forums for content owners and users to come together to solve the challenges of improving these services. The Press Database and Licensing Network (PDLN) is an association representing organisations owned or controlled by publishers who license or supply newspaper, magazine and website material for media monitoring, press cutting and press review services. PDLN was founded in 2008 and has grown rapidly. It now has 26 members in 23 countries.