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Welcome to the PDLN

The Press Database and Licensing Network (PDLN) is an association representing organisations owned or controlled by publishers who license or supply newspaper, magazine and website material for media monitoring, press cutting and press review services. PDLN was founded in 2008 and has grown rapidly. It now has 28 members in 19 countries. 

PDLN aims to protect and promote the interest of publishers in media monitoring services. Its members seek to encourage the development of simple, efficient market solutions to the supply and use of press information internationally. PDLN works to share best practice in licensing and supply and to create forums for content owners and users to come together to solve the challenges of improving these services.

PDLN statement regarding EC copyright exemption for press cuttings

PDLN notes with concern that the EC DG Research, Innovation & Science is actively supporting the idea of a copyright exception for text and data mining (TDM) that could include an exemption for commercial press review services from copyright law.  PDLN shares and supports ENPA in objecting to this damaging and inappropriate attack on creators rights. PDLN has 29 members in 19 countries, mostly in the EC, who are actively engaged in representing over 10,000 publications in supplying and licensing press review services. This licensing and supply contributes  significant revenues to supporting publishing. Proposing an exemption from copyright for commercial providers who base their services on content paid for by publishers is perverse. It has no economic logic as it will only undermine incentives for development of new services and reduce the legitimate income of creators.

PDLN 2014 Conference   

Thank you to everyone who attended the PDLN annual conference in Madrid. Presentations are being added to the website and will be available here.


PDLN Catalogue

PDLN catalogue of available content now live.