History of PDLN

Over the last twenty years, newspaper publishers in a number of countries have founded industry wide companies in order to license and supply content for media monitoring. A range of licences and services have been established, including online databases which provide up-to-date content in a variety of downloadable formats. 

With the aim of sharing experience and discussing how these different companies could work together to offer better international solutions, an informal conference was held in London in November 2007, hosted by NLA. Members of 12 different organizations from 9 European countries met to introduce their organizations and to discuss possible co-operation.

The delegates agreed to meet again in April 2008 in Berlin, hosted by PMG. Several new interested parties were invited with 17 different companies from 12 different countries taking part. The theme of the conference was: “Setting up an international framework - How can we build the future?”

The Berlin conference decided unanimously that a formal international association of publisher managed databases and licensing companies should be founded, leading to the formation of PDLN.

During the third meeting in Brussels in November 2008, which was hosted by Copiepresse (Belgium), 13 companies from 10 different countries founded the Press Database Licensing Network (PDLN). Dr Peter Horvath of PMG was elected president; Andrew Hughes of NLA became vice president.

All members and observers of the newly formed body committed themselves to protect and to promote the interests of publishers and to offer a comprehensive service to all industry participants - users, intermediaries and publishers.

PDLN has subsequently recruited members from most continents and now holds annual conferences and regular seminars. It acts primarily as an information exchange and network. It is not a licensing or supply service.