Aims of PDLN

  1. Protecting and promoting the interest of publishers in relation to international press reviews.
  2. Supporting international cooperation between press owned database and licensing organizations leading to more efficient international licensing of press articles worldwide, for content owners, intermediaries and users
  3. Creating international solutions to satisfy the needs of companies and other institutions monitoring digital press and licenses covering international news
  4. Working in close cooperation with international associations of newspaper publishers and periodicals like ENPA (European Newspaper Publishers Association), WAN-IFRA (World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers), FIPP (International Federation of the Periodical Press) and EMMA (European Magazine Media Association) in order to influence the legislation process so that it effectively supports market solutions to press access and copyright issues.
  5. Encouraging the creation of similar entities with the largest representation possible in countries without an existing press database or licensing organisation.
  6. Engaging in dialogue with representatives of intermediaries and users of press cutting services leading to improved services.

Other important aims derive from these principles including maximising return to publishers from copying activity, improving control of copying, especially digital copying, increasing transparency of content copying and promoting the market for international press reviews.